Webtoon Review: Tower of God

Webtoon Review: Tower of God

215b53649cab9f90b70a42960ecaa06f-anime-garc3a7ons-anime-boysTitle: Tower of God
Author: SIU
Rating: 5/5 owls


Tower of God was the third webtoon I’ve read outside of the romance genre.  The first one was Unordinary, which I reached up to 142 episodes before I decided to drop it.  The second – God of High School, which I dropped at episode 20.   I began to read webtoon because I wanted to read Cheese in the Trap.  The kdrama was not wrapped up well and I wanted to know what’s the ending in the webtoon.  So I read Cheese in the Trap and it was good.  But, the thing is, I already know the plot, so when I reached 168 episodes, I was not that eager to move further.

I searched for other romance webtoons and I found so many great reads.  I have actually read 19 romance webtoons for the past month since I started—some I have dropped, some I have finished and some I’m still following right now.  Tower of God was a refreshing read for me.  When you’ve been devouring romance webtoons for a month, your brain will somehow crave for something different.  So I ventured into the action genre for a change. The first two that I’ve read were not that good to keep me hooked. But Tower of God was different.

So when I first read this webtoon, I couldn’t help but find similarities with Hunter x Hunter.  There’s this boy, who may look like a weakling at a glance, but he actually has an enormous potential. And he has something that keeps him going.

“There’s something I fear more than death.”

“There’s something I fear more than death,” Bam, the protagonist said once. Doesn’t it sound like Hunter X?  But as the story goes on, I found that this manhwa has better world building, character development and relationships than Hunter X.  I loved Gon and Kilua in Hunter X.  I could easily say that they’re one of the best anime friendships out there.  But you know, there is also something like that in ToG.  And some part of my mind could say that Bam and Khun resemble Gon and Kilua.  But another part of my mind says that they’re not actually similar except for the color of their hairs.  And Khun’s hair became light blue instead of white in  the second season, so yeah there’s the end of the similarities.

I’ve read some reviews that the art of this manhwa is not that good.  I beg to differ.  I think it’s just the art style of the manhwa. And it fitted the story quite well.  The art style actually began to change in season 2, which I  didn’t mind. It actually got better.  And this is one of the webtoons that has longer episodes than most webtoons that I’ve read.  The author is just pouring so much dedication and creativity into this webtoon—which no doubt was the reason that made this into a masterpiece.

Again if you asked me what’s so amazing about this manhwa that made me write a review when it’s not yet finished.  Well I couldn’t pinpoint it though. I just know that this is a page turner. Or screen scroller? Haha.  I breezed through the 1st season in 2 days I guess?  Or was it just one day I’m not even sure now.  I was actually reading some other ongoing webtoons and when I started this series I couldn’t help but delay reading those other webtoons and focus on this one.

Right now, I just finished Episode 484 and so far I’m still enjoying this.  I have paid for the fast pass episodes and they were all worth it!! The story grips me in a tight hold.  It makes me laugh, it excites me, and it makes me hate characters that exist only in the pages.  I am more of a book reader than a comic reader, so sometimes I feel that the unveiling of the mystery sometimes gets fast.  But I know that it’s different when it comes to comics because there are visuals.  But… my, my, the action panels are so stunning that they always left me in awe.

The characters are complex.  Bam, the main character may look boring but he’s NOT, I tell you.  And this not just because I like the-weak-who-rises-to-power MCs but because Bam is a complex human—Oh wait, I’m not even sure what he is (Ohh is that a spoiler? I’m not really sure?).  He started as weak and innocent, but I like that his gentleness did not leave him even after being betrayed (oh wait this is a spoiler!)This is something that I like and at the same time hate about him.  If you will read this manhwa I know you will also have complex feelings about Bam.  But I understand him.  How could you let go of something that gives you a reason to live?

I read some parts of the author’s notes that he writes in his blog and he said that  drama is what makes a manhwa good—even one in a shounen genre.  He said he sometimes forget that the genre of this manhwa is shounen. I kinda saw where that came from.  There were issues that were tackled in this comic that somehow suited a seinen genre more.  You will also be amazed at how deep the relationships are in this series.  And the drama, oh my, it will smash your heart I tell you.

Khun, Bam’s best friend is just an awesome character.  He’s smart, like Kaz Brekker smart. He kinda reminds me of Kaz Brekker.  Khun is easily my favorite character, not just because he’s handsome and smart but because of his loyalty to Bam.  Their bromance is just so wonderful.  I will add them to my list of best fictional bromance (haha I’m keeping a list).


Aren’t they adorable?

Each arc is so damn good.  My favorite so far is the Floor of Death, which just left me gaping and in awe.  I love fantasy genre more than anything else. And this—a floor isolated from the other parts of the tower which takes out your soul before you can enter it, is just amazing.  The whole story about the administor’s death, Enryu, what’s left of it after their fight, and the story of the people inside it are just so damn mesmerizing for a fantasy lover like yours truly.

But.. but…the drama that I witnessed in the Hidden Floor was so damn heart-wrenching and the fights!! Oh those fight scenes were so cool and will keep your heart thumping. And the mystery was just starting to unveil itself… ohhh the thrill and excitement that I’m feeling right now is just so damn good!

This is a masterpiece.  And a rating of 5 owls is not enough for this webtoon.  This is highly recommended.  Go read this and you won’t be disappointed. It’s free in the webtoon app.  And if you will read this webtoon, don’t forget to like every episode.  I don’t actually understand why it’s not no.1 in the action or fantasy genre.  It’s one of the best I’ve read so far. It’s 1000 times better than the one at the top right now.  Yes I know this because I actually read the one currently owning the no.1 spot.  This webtoon definitely deserves to be at the no.1 spot! Hands down to SIU!

Autumn Owls Clipart 5 Autumn Owls Clipart 5 Autumn Owls Clipart 5 Autumn Owls Clipart 5 Autumn Owls Clipart 5

See you on my next webtoon review!

sign-jon copy


My Favorie Bam Techniques (I am just fascinated by the names of these techniques hehe) :

Twenty-fifth Night Style Shinsu Control Skill: Endless Sky

Twenty-fifth Night Style: Extreme Black-winged Butterfly Attack

Twenty-fifth Night Style Wave Explosion: Zero



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